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Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 6
“I swear, I can’t take my eye off that brunette for one second before him having to run off.” [Name] huffed as she continued roaming through the empty halls in search of her hetaloid. It was after school, and [Name] really needed to go to the restroom, so she left Antonio outside to wait for her. However, once she got out he was nowhere in sight after that. Now here was [Name], 30 minutes after the bell rang, looking all over the place for the optimistic Spaniard.
Turning through one of the hallways, a familiar Spanish laugh was heard from her music class. Peeking inside, [Name] eyes caught a familiar head of messy brunette hair laughing with her music teacher. She knocked on the door before entering, “Antonio?! I’ve been looking for you for like half an hour already!”
The brunette smiled nervously before [Teacher’s Name] spoke up, “Ahh sorry [Name]. You see, I had my hands full of bringing a whole bunch of instruments from my truck, and
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young and beautiful . || England x Reader
When you were 7 you met an extraordinary man. It wasn’t just he looks that were impressive, nor his distinct accent that caught the ears of many. Oh no. He was very different from any others. He was Arthur Kirkland, representative of the country of England.
You being young and clueless that you were, you had no clue that this was some big news. Nope, what you were astounded about were his big bushy caterpillars that were perched where his eyebrows were suppose to be.
Funny story was that, that was how the two of you met. Who knew that the simple words of ‘Woah sir, those are some nice caterpillars! What are their names?’ could change the life for the both of you.
Your father had taken you to see his business work when you met him. He was familiar to your father’s work, so your parents knew it was safe for you to visit him.
Often Arthur tried to teach you manners, and the ways of becoming a proper lady. Of course you failed miserably and ended up sleeping
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Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 5
[Name] stood in front of the sleeping Spaniard, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for him to get up. It was 7:26 and her classes began at 7:41, plus it took 10 minutes to drive over there.
Darn you cute Spanish dude, being all cute even your turtle plush and little drool.
Taking out her cell phone she played an obnoxious ring tone, making the brunette stir in his sleep before finally getting up. “Chica..isn’t it a bit too early… to be waking me up… I need my siesta.” He muffled out, covering himself the covers.
“Not if you’re going to school, it’s not. Now get your lazy ass up before I drag you out.”
Quiet snores were then heard from under the blankets, making [Name]’s irritation level grow higher. She threw to blankets up, seeing a once again sleeping Antonio. How could anybody go to sleep that quickly anyway? [Name] sighed before grabbing his arms and pushing him in the restroom.
“You have 10 minutes
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{ Fallacious Smile } Dark!Spain x Reader
|| never let a smile pick your perspective of a person. you’ll be surprised to find out what is behind it .  .  . ||
You choked back a sob as the man caressed your soft skin with his battle axe. The dark smiles being ever so present upon his lips, making your fear grow much worse. How was it that this once optimistic, cheerful, wonderful boyfriend you have grown to love had turned into this … monster? You out of all people ,especially knew about his dark past, but just pushed past it/
“Isn’t it beautiful, [Name]? I just had it sharpened. It could easily slice through the throat of any living being with just one swing~ Here I’ll show you!~”
You could feel the cold air brush against your face as he swung the axe, dangerously close to your neck. Bitter tears began to fall down your face as little sound came out of your mouth, it being wrapped around with a cloth and all making it impossible to let out any source of words.
“Shh hermosa, no
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just haven't met you yet | England x Reader
I'm not surprised, not everything lasts. I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track
A sigh escaped the British man’s lips as he watched his idiotic friends trying to pick up a girl. He would of join in on the fun, but having your girlfriend break up with you over text about 3 seconds ago, it didn’t seem right. Besides this was the 12th girl Arthur thought was ‘the one’, but not everyone get’s their happily ever after.
And that was when reality slapped him across the face like how that woman just slapped his Prussian friend. He was 24 and couldn’t keep a relationship longer than 2 weeks. What happens if wants to get married and even maybe have kids? Damn right, that was something he always dreamed about, but seeing how his situation was he was sure not to find ‘the one’ any time soon.
Just then the tall Dane known as Mathias sat down next to Arthur. “What’s with your sour face?”
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She's got you high | Reader x Prussia
Warning: Use of mild language; Quotes from other shows; If you don't understand the ending read the description please c:
She’s got you high, but you don’t even know yet.
It is said everyone is put into this world for a reason.
You believed that a certain albino was placed here to make your life a living hell. It all started in kindergarten, when little Gilbert decided to steal your last cookie leading you to throw your glue at him. Of course like any other 5 year olds, you would get into hair pulling and arm biting, ending up with both of you having to sit in the corner.
That leads up to senior year of high school where you lost your pig tails and poofy skirts to [sense of fashion style]. Your personality matured, but still remained your cheerful self. That was unless anyone dared aggravating a level to the point of strangling, but overall you were a good person.
Then we have Gilbert  Beilschmidt. Still remained his cocky self, proclaimi
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Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 4
“Ok let’s see. I have milk, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, ect ect. What am I missing?” [Name] pondered as she cutely tapped her finger against her chin.
“And an overly cheerful Spaniard.” [Name] sighed as she turned towards the cute brunette. “Yes, what is it now, Toni?”
“Can we buy these tomatoes?! There only $2 a pound!”
The male pouted bringing in the puppy face, making [Name] blush heavily and look away, “Por favor!”
“A-ack! F-fine, w-what e-ever you wan-nt, d-dammit! B-but don-n’t t-think it was b-because I though t-that p-puppy face was c-cute or an-nything!” [Name] huffed, before being engulfed in a hug making her blush worsen.
“Gracias [Name]!” Antonio cheered before skipping happily to the produce aisle.
“Darn you cute Spaniard.” [Name] muttered under her breathe, before hearing a familiar voice behind her.
“H-hi [Name]!”
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Silly Love Letters || Mailman Jones x Reader
A/N: Note that Mailman Alfred does not act the same way as  regular Alfred. I'm not 100% sure on his personality, but I just followed from what I've read. Just thought I should let you guys no so you wouldn't think he was OCC or anything. I own nothing!
“It’s done~ I finally finished my letter to Miss [Name].” The blonde mailman grinned happily, examining his neatly folded letter with a heart shaped sticker placed on it, “Soon she will be like ‘Oh Alfred I love you too! Let’s hug and kiss~ It’s just perfect!” Alfred flushed a bright red at his thoughts.
As he finished the last of his mailing duties, Alfred then headed up to the 23rd floor where [Name]’s office was found. He knocked hastily on the [c] door before entering. And there she was. [Name] [Last Name]. Alfred’s crush since he began working at World Corps. She looked up from her computer screen and flashed a smile as she saw a flushed blonde fidge
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Taste Testing || Italy x Reader
A stare down, cut like one of those old western movies from Alfred’s house. Two cowpokes ready for an intense duel. But instead of a western town, you were at your house. And instead of glaring you were smirking, well you were. Feliciano had the same goofy smile plastered on his adorable features. AND, you weren't cowboys/girls. But whatever, it was still an intense challenge.
Now what was this intense duel about? A bet, to be exact.
Sitting on a table were variety flavors of gelato your bubbly friend had brought from his home. The bet? If you were to guess all of the flavors of gelato he gave you, Feliciano was to buy you [favorite food] for a month. If you were to lose then you’d be his personal maid for 4 weeks.
You’d had studied each flavor of Italian gelato imaginable. Even ask Romano for help, but of course he was to no help. But still, you could already taste victory already. And victory tasted a lot like [favorite food].
“Alright bella ! You know
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Smile for me} Snapped!America x Reader
Quiet sobs were heard from the girl’s mouth, as she buried her head into the blonde male’s chest. He rubbed her back in comfort, still unsure of what was going on.
“Hey dudette, what’s the matter?” Alfred asked as he lead her into his house and sat her on his couch.
“T-the bastard c-cheated o-on m-me…” [Name] mummered, choking on her own sobs making it hard to breathe. At this his electric blue eyes twitched, as he continued trying to comfort the crying woman the best way he could.
Alfred couldn’t imagine the pain and grief she was going through, but he could only imagine it was similar to the anger that was consuming him alive.
How dare he play with [Name]’s feeling like that?! Does he not know how lucky he is to have a woman like that?! Why I should just-
“And he keeps calling me for forgiveness, saying it wasn’t what I saw and all.” [Name] interrupted his dark thoughts.
“So do you believe hi
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Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 3
Once that little argument was finished, [Name] let out a big sigh and grabbed the Spaniard from the wrist.
“Where are we going?” The oblivious hetaloid asked, having the same goofy smile plastered on his face.
“Well to the mall of course. They have food over there, and I still need to freaking buy you more clothes.” [Name] huffed, entering the front seat of her [dream car].
“Sounds like fun! Vamonos~”
*Le time skip brought to you by Italy running away from England*
Once the two entered the mall, which was pretty packed on a Sunday, [Name] led him to the food court. There she was able to order [f/f], while waiting the brunette to pick what food he wanted. A long 7 minutes later, Spain just ended up getting the same thing as [Name], leading her to curse at him.
The pair sat down  at a table to eat, starting up a small conversation pretty fast. That was when [Name] saw she kept calling him ‘Spain’, which felt pretty weird. “Hey cheery
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Cute Love: France x Shy!Reader
" Bonjour là, ma chérie~ "
"Eeep!” The young girl squeaked, her fist colliding with the blonde haired male, “O-oh s-sorry, Francis. Y-you scared me.”
“Ahh belle , for such a timid girl you sure do have a strong arm there.” The French man replied, rubbing his head where the impact was made.
“W-well y-you should l-learn n-not to sneak up o-on people l-like that.” [Name] replied quietly, but sternly, a bright shade of red making its way to her face.
“A thousand pardons mon amour , it’s just that you look the most adorable when you get angry like this. I just couldn’t resist~”
“Ehh? W-well I got to go to class.” The [h/c] girl replied shyly, picking up her pace.
“But fille , have you’ve forgotten who is in your class?” Francis teased, now walking side by side the female.
“How could I forget? You sit right behind me.” [Name] muttered.
The pair made it
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Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 2
“[Name]~ Oh [Name]! Get up darling. Look who is here!” [Dad’s Name] chanted from downstairs, putting the last things into his suitcase.
The girl muffled a groan into her pillow before trudging her body down into the kitchen. Her lazy eyes gazed up to a big wooden box, “Oh great HE’S here.” She mumbled sitting down, grabbing a glass of water.
“Yeup, and I’m gone! My plane leaves at 1:00 and it’s already 12:00. Oh I’m going to miss you so much [Name]~” [Dad’s Name] whined, clinging onto his daughter.
“Dad! Get off me..I can’t..breathe, dammit!”
“Oh sorry sweety, it’s just that daddy is going to miss you very much. Have fun….but not too much fun~” [Dad’s Name] winked before getting his suitcase and out the door.
“W-wait? You’re not going to help me open it? Dad? Dad!” [Name] shouted to no avail since her dad had already left.
“Figures let me get
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Operation Love Bug : Romano x Reader 2/2
“D-do we really n-need to go on that? I m-mean can’t w-we just watch f-from here or s-something?” Liechtenstein squeaked, staring up on the tall roller coaster.
“No can do~ we need to see from a seat behind to, and make sure [Name] starts holding on to Romano while the ride starts. Just imagine how cute that would we.” Taiwan replied, “Besides we are next come on!”
In the front row were [Name] & Romano, [Name] looking really excited and Romano just looking unfazed. Behind them were Liechtenstein, Taiwan, & Seychelles wearing idiotic disguises made up of big glasses, high pony tails, fake mustaches, and baseball caps. Not to mention the 3 cameras that were around their necks.
“Oh Lovi~ isn’t this going to be fun?” [Name] cheered gripping excitedly on the handle bars, “I even heard that some kids threw up after riding this!”
“Yes, because throwing up your lunch is something to be excited about. And stop calling
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Operation Love Bug : Romano x Reader 1/2
A/N :
Because I didn't want to make this story so long I decided to make it a 2 part series. I think I might of confused you all on the name switching since I'm using both country and human names. So here are some translations. Hungary: Elizaveta//Lizzy; Romano: Lovino; Belgium: Bella/Belle/Bell; Liechtenstein: Lilly; Belarus: Natalya; Ukraine: Yekaterina; Seychelles: Michelle; Taiwan: Mei Note not all of these are official  
“Ok troops! As we all know Valentine day is coming up, and as the Cupid Sorority group what better way to share our love than by bringing others together! Am I right?” The Hungarian cheered clasping her hands together.
The rest of the female students each gave their nods in agreement, as the brunette continued on with her speech.
“And with my inspections I have found out the perfect pair to get together this Valentine’s
:iconbeautifullullabyx:BeautifulLullabyx 8 4
Hetaliod!Spain x Tsundere!Reader : Part 1
It was no joke that [Name] was short tempered.
Her dad sometimes wondered how in the hell she were able to make friends. Scrolling down the various types of Hetaloids, a smile tugged on his lips as he selected purchase and entered in the information.
‘Seems descent enough I guess.’
You see [Dad’s Name] was going away on a business trip, and being an only father he couldn’t leave is little girl alone for 2 weeks. Well she was [age], but still. After finding out about these so called Hetaloids and how wildly popular they were with the young folks and all, he decided to order one.
“Oh [Name]~”
A groan escaped the [h/c] girl’s lips as she lifted herself up from her bed and downstairs.
“What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy doing nothing.” [Name] replied, crossing her arms over her chest.
Ignoring completely her harsh tone [Dad’s Name] continued, “As you well know I’m going off to [Random place] for my jo
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Thank you for visiting~ Though I may only have a few stories up right now, I assure you that I will begin typing up new deviantions. Comments are always welcomed :iconhappyskipplz:

When ever I tend to write reader's insert, I like having opposites attract kinda thing ;D Like oblivious cheerful ones with tsundere!readers; Tsunderes with teasing!reader; serious with cheerful!reader; or flirt with shy!reader. I have other ones I like to put in, but these are my favorite ones :3

I also don't like making my reader weak and easy to take advantage of, only kind of when they are the shy!readers. If that were me I'd be defending myself, & telling them off straight up. I don't know, I like making my readers badass :iconumadfinlandplz:

I am thinking about doing lemons ( ._.) Oh my. I don't know, just having the feeling with my perverted mind. But I already know what will happen if I try :iconinloveplz: :iconnosebleedingplz: :iconblooddeathplz: But dammit, I'll take the chances once I started getting use to this~ So for now I'll stick to smutty goodness.

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not meant to be. | kaneki ken
you cannot love
a human
Is it perhaps possibe for a ghoul to love a human?
Is it possible for ghouls to give humans their utmost trust, and depend on them until the end?

“Kaneki-kun?” the said boy came back to reality and looked over beside him to see a [Name] looking at him with concern written all over her eyes. He smiled towards her to reassure that everything was alright, and she only nodded her head and went back to reading her book. Kaneki, however, continued to stare at [Name].
He didn't know how it happened, really--at first, they were just close friends at Kamii University who both majored in Japanese Literature. They would talk together, go to places together, and if Kaneki could, they would go to have dinner as well. Although, that seemed entirely impossible for a ghoul like him to go on a fancy dinner with a human.
And, after that, Kaneki fell in love with her.
What bad luck he has.
Though, after finding out that Nishiki had been toge
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 195 60
Someday. Spain x Reader
“You know.. I actually met a pretty girl today,”
“Uh — Okay..?”
“She was really nice, too. It's just that—” Antonio let out a heaved sigh as he finally looked towards at the (Southern) Italian beside him. “—I didn't get to know her name. In fact, she didn't even tell me. I just called her 'Red' considering that she was wearing a red plaid shirt on.”
Romano arched a brow, getting mildly amused by Antonio's little ‘story’. He motioned his hands for him to continue as he sat next to him. “Tell me more.”
The Spaniard blinked once, and then twice, trying to process what the other had just said. “Nothing would really make sense if I didn't tell you the story.”
Romano only shrugged loosely. “We have a lot of time to spare, Tonio,”
“Alright.. But promise me not to tell Emma!” [1]
“Sure. Whatever,”
I love you,
“The roses make it too
:icongnostalgic-void:Gnostalgic-Void 155 26
Sweater weather. America x Reader
sometimes i just want to sit by the fire and cuddle with you.
“I'm freezing, Alfred.”
“That makes the both of us then, [Name].”
[Name] let out a scoff as she turned around, wrapping the blanket around her. It wasn't actually helping her, really. She wore a sweater, hoping that it would at least help her keep warm. But it was utterly useless, for she was still cold.
“It's still cold, Alfred. I don't like it,” God, she complained a lot. That was for sure. She was surprised that Alfred hadn't got sick of her yet. In fact, he only grew to get used of her complaints and whining. Which of course caused [Name] to grow even more intrigued by him. She thought- or expected he would leave her soon enough. But here they were. Together.
Alfred let out a small laugh erupted from his lips. “Well, what do you want me to do about it then, hon?”
She blinked, once, and then twice. [Name] hadn't really thought of one yet. Well
:icongnostalgic-void:Gnostalgic-Void 110 19
America x Athletic!Reader I
America x Athletic!Reader
You were studying in the school of Hetalia Academy with a good ol' normal life as a student. You were the typical person that everyone wants to be with. You had the looks, the brain, the personality, and everything postive!
All your dreams are getting true in school because of being around with your friends and etc.
You were an athletic student that can balance it with studies. You play the sport 'Athletics' or 'Track-and-Field', you were the star player in the girls division in your team. You would often get a gold medal and your lowest was silver
because of your teammate in relay. Like any other students, you have your own ups and there are your downs. You were the girl that is good-looking but not having a boyfriend and such, it is also rare to see you having a crush.
One time that you were jogging around the campus, your instructor suddenly whistled, saying that you all have to gather around.
"Alright. We all know that we are rushing our practice for the i
:iconangel2945668:Angel2945668 33 16
Muneca (Spain x Reader)
Games 'n' Guys - Spain
"Oh, chica! You're finally here!" The Spaniard wrapped his arms around your torso, lifted you off the ground and smothered you in a hug.
Not that you were complaining or anything, but what did he just say?
"Um,Toni? What do you mean by 'finally.'? you asked as the tall man waltzed into his home and placed you on his couch. Once you were settled he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.
"Bella told me you were on your way here." he chuckled nervously. You puffed out your cheeks in annoyance. The little witch. You knew that she would get involved since Spain was like a brother to her.
"Even though you are cute when angry, there's no need to be. At least we still get to spend time together~"
He plopped himself down and grinned at you in a way that made your knees feel weak. You blushed and pushed the game into his chest.
He observed it, turning it from the front to the back. Once he realized what it was he nearly tackled you.
"Oh wow! I've always wanted to play
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 558 111
You had lost all control of your hands. They were spazzing out in different directions as you tried to breath for precious air.
You, my friend, were currently fangirling.
"ASDFGHJKL!!!!" You rolled off your friends couch as you failed around. The strawberry blonde next to you gave you a worried look.
"Uhhh...______? Are you ok?" The Romanian asked as he stared at you. Giving you the "whydoievenbother?" look. You gasp and ran to the T.V. screen, slowly petting it like a creep.
"OOOOOhhhhhh my god, I love you Marshall Lee~" You giggled insanely as you heard his voice. "You're the SEXIEST vampire alive~" Romania crossed his arms in response. He cleared his throat to catch your attention.
"Uh, excuse you? I believe your boyfriend has this title." He growled out. You turned away form the T.V. screen and laughed. You laughed so hard, even someone like Romania, who never blushed, began to grow red.
"Jealous much?" You walked over to your boyfriend and sat down next to him, snuggling closer to
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 465 330
Kankri and Zacharie by QuiteRomantic Kankri and Zacharie :iconquiteromantic:QuiteRomantic 292 17
Sexting Gone Wrong [HETALIA STYLE]
WARNING: Title self-explanatory! Protect your kids from reading this if necessary! Kids, if you're reading this....I'm not responsible for any scarring! XD This is purely a parody! No harm intended!
"Dammit Kiku, I’m DONE!! I’m sick of you always hatin’ on my English dubbin’ of anime episodes!! WE’RE. OVER!!" America snapped as he stormed out into the hallway, towards the front door.
"FINE! REAVE!! I wirr finarry be abre to watch horror movies in peace!!" Japan retorted with a huff and a shaking fist, following the blonde out. America stopped in his tracks and glared over his shoulder.
"Annnnd I’m takin’ Miku Hatsune with me!" He picked up the body pillow of the famed blue-haired idol from the couch. A smirk spread across his face when Japan gasped in horror.
"It is Hatsune Miku, baka—"
"—and do not dare take h
:iconpastanotwar:PastaNotWar 297 338
Mountain Dew and Anime (2p!Canada x Reader)
There are a bunch of swears here, so if you don't like swearing I wouldn't recommend it.
"Try and take my lunch money again you little bitch! I dare your ass to!" You yelled as you kicked the guy who had stolen your money. You slammed him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. "I bet you want me to starve to death so I can stop kicking your ass!" Quite a feat since you were like 5 inches shorter than him and way lighter.
Matthieu watched from a distance in admiration. Damn, this tiny little thing beat up a guy three times bigger than her.
"Do you want me to stop? Huh? Bitch say something or I'm gonna keep going!" You yelled with another kick. "This is why you don't mess with the fucking crazy ones! Maybe I'm quiet but for all you know I could be plotting your very demise!"
Ooh, he liked this one.
He just stood there in awe, watching as you beat this guy up after stealing your money for like the millionth time while he begged for mercy. It was always the same person, and you'd fin
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 1,333 489
2p!EnglandxReader: Normal People
“Ollie!” you sing-sang to your husband. “Help me bake a cake for our new neighbors.”
Oliver Kirkland poked his head into the kitchen as you pulled out the necessary ingredients. “Neighbors?”
Allen and Matthiu ran in behind Oliver, “Cake!” Your two sons took their place on your legs, pulling and begging.
“Let daddy do it!” Allen said.
Matthiu joined in, “Yeah, he puts the interesting stuff.”
You frowned, “Now boys. These people are new to the neighborhood and we’ll greet them properly. That means no hockey sticks or nailed baseball bats…” you looked to your husband, “and no...interesting stuff.”
Your husband frowned and walked over to you. Only to be met by hissing from your sons. Ever since the twins had been born they had completely adored you, but hated their father. Oliver was heartbroken that his sons didn’t seem to like him. And now that Pete was able to walk and talk
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 522 159
RomanoxReader (Contest Prize)
Romano’s POV
I finally got the courage to tell (Name) how I feel. I invited her to the park to tell her. Right now I was waiting for her to show up.
“Hey (Name)!” She turned around and smiled at me. I felt my heart melt as she walked towards me.
“Yes Romano what is it? What did you want to talk about?” I felt my heart speed up. I gulped nervously but as I opened my mouth to tell her Feliciano came and glommed both of us into a hug that made both of us fall over.
“Idiota! What the f*ck was that about!” He whimpered then got off of us and started crying. “Crybaby…”
“Romano!” She lightly hit the top of my head as she calmed down my idiotic brother.
“What’s wrong Feli?” She cooed at him and it made me jealous!
“Well I-a came to visit mio fratello and I couldn’t find him so I went looking for him. Then I saw both of
:iconladytudor:LadyTudor 12 9
Spain x Shy Reader
Readers POV:
I was walking to English class that I shared with a certain Spaniard. He is so nice and funny. I like him a lot but I can’t tell him. Plus he has all those popular girls he could have any of them for a girlfriend. I am like an outcast because of my shyness but I am friends with a few people like Antonio, Elizabeth, and Lovino. Lizzy and Lovi know about my crush and persist me to tell him but every time I try to say it I get so flustered. I sat down in my normal seat near the front when Antonio walked in. “H-Hey Toni.”
“Hey (Name) how are you doing?”
“That is good.” He flashed a smile then the class started soon. You loved his smile so much. You loved him so much you needed to tell him. You had too before he got taken away again by one of the popular girls. So you started formulating a plan to tell him.
…Time Skip…
It was lunchtime and you decided to
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[flowers] [: mituna captor :]
[icon -]
[Mituna Captor]
[flowers - acapetley/lonelyScribbler]
The loud thumping coming from of the living room of her house startled her as she cautiously made her way to the front door, standing on her tiptoes to peek through the peephole, her eyes widened at the sight through the small hole.
Yellow gloved fists banged endlessly on the door, almost knocking it off its hinges as a helmet wearing head hung low in defeat.
Opening the door upon seeing the upset Captor, [Name] gasped as the sobbing boy fell forward at the disappearance of the sturdy support  
Climbing up from his fallen position he flung himself into the confused girl’s arms, wailing the entire time as she hauled his weight inside her house and towards her kitchen.
She was usually greeted with an irritated Mituna, angry about Cronus’ constant bullying or his newest scrapes and bruises from his skateboard; things that were easily fixed with a simple band-aid or a ‘screw that se
:iconlonelyscribbler:lonelyScribbler 158 23
EnglandXAngel!Reader -Quiet- Pt. 2
"_________~! I LOOOOOVVE YOOOOU~!" Antonio squished into his chest. You flailed as he hugged you even tighter. You couldn't really breathe. "So cute~! Let me kiss you!" You put your hands on his lips to prevent him from kissing you.
"GAH! Antonio! Quit it!" You giggled slightly. Your fellow angel friend wrapped his much bigger wings around you. "You're stupid." You tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but no dice.
"Promise me." His voice rang out in silence. You looked up at him, your curious (e/c) meeting is green ones. "Promise me, that you won't get into trouble..." He mumbled. You blinked as he smiled slightly.
"I promise." You smiled. Antonio laughed as he tried to kiss you once more. "Toni!" You whined at him.
"Oh and one more thing!" He ninja kissed your forehead. "Promise... you'll always stay mine."

You gasped as if live had just been sucked back into you. You quickly sat up and looked around, wondering where you were.  
"Bad dream, love?" Arthur's voice chimed in. Yo
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 32 38
Mature content
A Piece of You - FrancexHeartbroken!Insane!Reader :iconaikou-h:Aikou-H 18 14
~The Stereotypes Song~ HetaliaXReader
    "All right, everyone over here," you directed the assortment of countries towards your living room, having explained that you found an amazing Youtube video.
    Of course half of them had refused... so you had to "stretch the truth". You had finally convinced America, Spain, Japan, Italy, Romano, France, Russia, China, Australia, India, England, Egypt, Poland, and Scotland.
    Once all of the countries were standing around your laptop, you finally opened the right tab. It was titled "The Stereotypes Song". A few countries gave you a funny look, you barely hiding a smirk.
    "All right, I want to see what you guys think of this," you pressed play on the video and it started:
You know, I always thought stereotypes were kinda ridiculous.
So I wrote a song about it,
And it goes a little something like this.
I think I love you more than the
Japanese love tentacle porn,

    Japan's eyes widened as everyone looked his way, his face turning a deep scarlet. He tried to hide his fa
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I am madly in love with the Franco brothers. They are just so beautiful and amazing *_*

I love swimming, softball, playing music, using the internet, and sleeping. I have a tendency to have a schedule when ever there is something important that has to be done. It's because my dad always makes me late because he never follows my plans ಠ_ಠ

Favorite Youtubers :D -

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These two. I love them. Their smiles are just so precious and beautiful and utterly adorable. I just.

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France is so awesome. He's in my top favorite characters. I really hate it when people call him a rapist, I'm just Go fuck yourself. :iconbitchpleaseplz: I mean how can you not love him? Just look at this cute face ~ :iconfrancisbonnefoyplz:


Guess what beautiful people~ I'm not dead :iconhappyskipplz:

Well almost not, you can thank all the freaking finals. I'm just really tired and I'm suppose to be finishing up my essay due tomorrow, but here I am updating my journal I have take about 3 or 4 months to write. :iconomgcryplz: I just really need some sleep - I already drank about 3 cups of coffee, but I'm still so tired. Plus all the freaking homework, and grades, and sports, and clubs, and labs, and test, and quizzes, and essays, and - well you get the picture. :iconpokerfacejapanplz:


I'm just really sorry about such a long delay, but want to thank you all for such wonderful comments and all the favorites and new watchers! :iconletmehugyouplz: I don't really know what to write about anymore, but I'll mostly do more hetalia fics (duhh), continue working on my Spain fic, and maybe work on homestuck fics :iconcreepplz:


But for now I'm going to have to suck it up and finish the last week of finals and finally start winter vacation.. Freedom is so close, I could feel it. :iconcryforeverplz:

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